Closed for the summer, Sunflower and Dahlia season will begin around Labor Day.

ADA Compliance Policy

Welcome to Dalton Farms. 

At Dalton Farms, we recognize the importance of ensuring our facilities comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines so that all of our guests can safely enjoy our property.  The ADA does not require modifications that would fundamentally alter the nature of the business and agricultural services provided at Dalton Farms.  However, we have gone through great lengths to maintain the grounds and offer assistance services to our guests so that all visitors can enjoy the beauty of Dalton Farms.  We offer transportation assistance from the parking area to the farm grounds.  Additionally, many of the walking paths through the crop and flower fields are hard packed and wheelchair accessible.  Handicapped restrooms and amenities are available throughout the property.  At any time, if you require assistance while visiting Dalton Farms, please contact (856) 628-7313 and one of our staff members will be glad to assist you. 

Trained Service Animals, which are covered by the ADA, are welcome at Dalton Farms.  Unfortunately, to ensure the safety of our guests, crops, and farm animals, all other animals, including comfort animals or emotional support animals are prohibited.  Please see our Service Animal Policy for additional information by clicking HERE