Tulip season is now closed.

Murphy’s Farm Market Finds a Home

Murphy’s Farm Market, a beloved produce stand located in Swedesboro and vendor at Dalton Farms, recently faced a major setback when they were victim to a hit and run incident that destroyed their stand. The incident occurred in early April, leaving the farmers with extensive damage and uncertainty of what would come next. PHL 17 reported the story with the help of locals who wanted to show their support for the owners of Murphy’s Farm Market:

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A dump truck wreaked havoc on their stand and left the good folks at Murphy’s without a place to sell produce. Dalton Farms did not hesitate to step in and provide a location for Murphy’s to sell their produce and products during the annual Dalton Farms Tulip Festival. Dalton Farms recognizes the importance of working together with other small farmers and local businesses. NJ farmers and small business owners are the threads that hold the tapestry of our community together, and we want to do everything we can to prevent that tapestry from fraying. Dalton Farms also wants to focus on giving longevity to NJ farming as an industry, in order to do so, we want to do anything we can to help out other farmers.

Murphy’s Farm Market is a wonderful place to get fresh produce, and local products like coffee, candles, sauces, and dressings that also contribute to charitable causes! Products sold at Murphy’s like “Dogs of Honor Candles” and “Holy Grounds Coffee” support disabled veterans and other individuals struggling with disabilities.The resilience of Murphy’s Farm Market is a testament to both their fortitude and the loyalty of their customers. We send our warmest wishes for continued success in their endeavors. If you want to experience this wonderful marketplace and the beauty of Dalton Farms flowers, come down this weekend for our final weekend of the festival! Check out our event calendar