Open Everyday 10 AM till 7PM

August 24th-October 15th


March 30th to April 23 2023

Dalton Farms welcomes you to our U-Pick Tulip Season. 
All Guests 3 and older will require an admission ticket.
**Ticket prices**
online(plus NJ sales tax and ticket site convenience fees).
$16 walk up gate admission if tickets are still available.

Pick your own tulips and daffodils for $2 per stem or 10 flowers for $10. 

All guests must be checked in by 6pm, we close promptly at 7pm.  


Tickets must be purchased online in order to guarantee admission.
The last entry time is 6:00 pm.

Since we use a third-party site to handle our ticket sales, it makes it impossible to move ticket times/dates, all sales are final – please buy accordingly.  Check your email information and number of tickets in your cart before submitting payment.

We will be open rain or shine unless there is a threat of severe weather.  In the event that we need to cancel due to weather, those affected tickets will be contacted by the email that was used to purchase your tickets.

Be sure to download the QR code to your device to check-in.  We can also check you in by your last name upon arrival.


  • NO PETS: Although we are pet friendly, for the safety of our guests we ask that you leave your pets at home, this includes ESA.  All service animals will be admitted.
  • NO DRONES: allowed as we are in the flight path of Philadelphia International Airport.
  • No Outside Alcohol

Tulip Pricing

Don't just take the memories home with you. Take the flowers home too.

Pick your own tulips for $2 per stem... or

10 stems for $10

20 stems for $20

30 stems for $30

2023 Tulip Season is Closed for the year.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2024

Did You Know?

There are over 150 species with 3,000 varieties of tulips. Each variety has its own unique shape, size, and color. The Netherlands is the largest producer of tulips in the world. It exports about 3 billion tulip bulbs every year which is a testament to their popularity.

This year, see what types of tulips are blooming!

Check out our visual list to see all the different types!


With the perfect love they represent, it’s no wonder tulips get their name from a Persian word for turban. When in full bloom these stunning flowers look like delicate turbans, making them truly special and meaningful to many.


Tulips have been a symbol of love, rebirth, and charity for centuries. These stunning flowers carry a rich history and are loved for their beauty and meaning. 

They come in a variety of colors and each color has a different meaning. White tulips, for example, symbolize forgiveness, respect, and purity. Yellow tulips mean cheerfulness and hope while red ones stand for eternal love and passion. Pink means affection, caring, and good wishes while purple ones signify royalty and elegance.

Farhad and Shirin’s tragic love story is believed to be the reason behind red tulips symbolizing undying love. According to this dramatic Turkish legend, Farhad had fallen desperately in love with a maiden named Shirin – only for they both experience untimely grief when he finds out that she was killed. Heartbroken beyond repair, it is said that Farhad rode his horse off of a cliff as part of his sorrowful farewell from life – but something beautiful rose up from their tragedy from where Farhad fell – up sprang forth vibrant scarlet tulip blooms!

Event Timeline

Mar. 30th - Apr. 21st

Hours Farm is Open 10 AM - 7 PM

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

It’s Spring and the tulips are popping up for you to experience.

Visitors are welcome to come explore during our various festivals, our Tulip Festival usually runs int he month of April(weather depending).  So next time you’re looking for a fun day out, come on down to Dalton Farms and see our Tulips in all their glory! 

Check out our calendar for a list of events happening now at Dalton Farms.

Fun fact

Believe it or not, tulips can provide more than just a colorful pop of vibrancy in your garden. Their petals are surprisingly edible for humans and make beautiful garnishes for any dish! However, please remember that they should never be shared with our ruminant friends like goats as they cannot endure the toxins found within the petal’s layers. They’re the perfect substitute for onions in recipes, plus they make a great addition to wine. With a fascinating history, tulips also have symbolized wealth since the 17th century – when one single bulb was worth even more than diamonds.


As the seasons change and spring blooms, we wish for you to bask in the warmth and beauty of these vibrant flowers. May they bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Thank you for visiting Dalton Farms and have a lovely spring!

tulips in the field

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