Closed for the summer, Sunflower and Dahlia season will begin around Labor Day.


Event Timeline

Aug. 24th - Oct. 15th

10 AM - 7 PM Everyday

Dahlias are here!

The Sunflower Festival at Dalton Farms is an eagerly awaited event that draws flower enthusiasts and nature lovers from far and wide. It’s an opportunity for visitors to revel in the splendor of golden sunflowers dancing gracefully in the sun-kissed fields. But now, there’s an exciting addition that has garnered equal attention – dahlias! These exquisite blooms have found their way into the festival, making it an even more mesmerizing experience.

Why Dahlias?

They originate from the picturesque lands of Mexico and were initially encountered by intrepid Spanish explorers during the 16th century. Paying homage to the eminent Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl, their history reflects the profound impact of his contributions. These gorgeous blooms belong to the beautiful Asteraceae family, making them kin to the majestic sunflowers.

Dahlia flowers exhibit a diverse array of shapes and sizes, ranging from the dainty “pompon” varieties resembling delicate spheres to the grand and flamboyant “dinnerplate” dahlias, boasting a regal diameter of up to 12 inches. From fiery reds to soft pastels, the dahlias present a lavish and extensive color palette, catering to the discerning taste of every horticulturist. Their rich hues symbolize an array of emotions, from ardor and fervor to amity and gratitude. Moreover, Dahlias are renowned for embodying strength and resilience.

Dalton Farms welcomes you for our fifth U-Pick Sunflower/Dahlia Season 
All Guests 3 and older will require an admission ticket.

**Ticket prices**
online(plus NJ sales tax and ticket site convenience fees).
$18 walk up gate admission.

Cut your own flowers for $2 per bloom or 10 blooms for $10. 
Please bring your own scissors/knife to cut flowers.

All guests must be checked in by 6pm, we close promptly at 7pm. Tickets are sold by hourly arrival times.
There is no restriction to the amount of time you can spend at the farm once you arrive.
****If you are running late or behind for your scheduled time slot you will be still granted admission, no need to notify us.

Tickets must be purchased online in order to guarantee admission.
The last entry time is 6:15 pm.

Tickets may be exchanged(not refunded) for a different date during this sunflower season by logging into your Ticketspice acct.  Please check all information and number of tickets in your cart before submitting payment.

We will be open rain or shine unless there is a threat of severe weather.  In the event that we need to cancel due to weather, those affected tickets will be automatically refunded.

Be sure to download the QR code to your device to check-in.  We can also check you in by your last name upon arrival.

Dahlia Symbolism

Beyond their striking beauty, Dahlias also carry profound symbolism. Their radiant colors symbolize various aspects of life, giving each bloom its own unique message.

Love: The fiery red dahlias stand as a symbol of love and passion, igniting the flames of affection in the hearts of those who behold them. Their intense hues mirror the fervent emotions that two hearts share when entwined by love.

Friendship: On the other end of the spectrum, the softer pastel dahlias exude warmth and tenderness, representing friendship and gratitude. These gentle blooms remind us to cherish the bonds of camaraderie and to express heartfelt thanks to those who touch our lives.

Our Favorite Dahlia Quotes!

"I plant a little dahlia tuber and get back a huge plant with so many beautiful flowers…it's a gardener's dream come true." -Erin Benzakein

"If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing Double Dahlias in his garden." ~ David W. Wolfe

"There is nothing like the first hot days of spring when the gardener stops wondering if it's too soon to plant the dahlias and starts wondering if it's too late." ~ Henry Mitchell

If poems had souls they would look like pink dahlias. — Beryl Dov

Important Things to Know

No Pets

Although we are pet friendly, for the safety of our guests we ask that you leave your pets at home, this includes ESA.  All service animals will be admitted.

No Drone

NO DRONES: allowed as we are in the flight path of Philadelphia International Airport.

No Alcohol

No Outside Alcohol

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